November 18, 2016
What the NFL is Saying about Melvin Gordon

“Through talking with him, through the offseason and everything, he really put his head down and did a lot of things to set himself up for a great year. He’s starting to showcase the ability that everyone knew he had, and it’s exciting to see how well he has been doing.” – Dolphins RB Jay Ajayi

“He is definitely the best running back we have faced so far this year. He is going to be a great running back in his years to come. He got a lot of training this summer. He is a great guy. Credit to their offensive line and their running back.”– Titans S Kevin Byard

“He has ten more touchdowns (than last year)! He was a good back last year. He was a rookie and he was a young guy. I think they certainly learned how to utilize him and he’s come along and gotten better and better. He’s got great talent and we knew that going into last year. It looks like he’s just matured and played the way his ability will let” – Broncos Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips

"Melvin Gordon is a good player; he's a good back. He's good at a little bit of everything. He can run in between tackles, he can bounce it and cut it back real well." – Saints DT Tyeler Davison

“He’s obviously a threat. He’s running with authority. He’s big, powerful and he looks like he’s a one-cut guy who can make people miss. He gets in the secondary and he has the speed to go the distance. He breaks tackles, is hard to get on the ground (and) has good vision. The offensive line is doing a nice job for him (and) the guy’s running with great confidence. He runs behind his pads and is a physical guy. We’re going to have to do a great job defensively and it’s going to take everybody. They’re going to block everybody up and you can add guys to the box, but the wide receivers do a great job of coming in and picking up those extra defenders. They force everybody to play and (Gordon) forces everybody to play. It’s a huge challenge for us to stop this kid.” – Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano

“(Gordon) is legit ball-carrier. We know that running backs don’t get drafted in our league as high as he was if he wasn’t a really good player, and so we have a lot of respect for Melvin Gordon. We know they have other guys that can gain yards running the football behind that big offensive line.” – Colts Defensive Coordinator Ted Monachino

“Obviously watching today and the last couple of days, he’s a very, very tough and hard runner. (He’s a) young guy. Obviously he’s well-talented and we’ll have a big task on our hands… He’s a hard runner. (He) runs downhill and obviously most running backs that run hard like that usually have an opportunity to break tackles and get extra yards.” – Dolphins DT Ndamukong Suh

“He is up there in running and pass receiving and he is one of the top guys in the league in total yards from scrimmage so he is getting the ball a lot and is a good player.” – Titans Defensive Coordinator Dick LeBeau

“I just think he knows what he is doing, I mean he’s done it. It looks like he had a good offseason and his preseason showed that. He was a good running back at Wisconsin and I figured he would be a good running back at this level. He is running hard and seeing things, and he can catch.” – Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid



Staff | | November 18, 2016