September 30, 2017
Trying To Gel

Starting the season off 0-3 has been painful for coaches, players, and fans alike. It has been hard for us to gel as a team this season and to be able to go out and play a complete game. Either the offense is on and the defense is off or the defense is on and the offense is off. Then we can have the offense and defense playing well but special teams is off. All three phases of the game have not been on the same page and we have to figure that out. It is almost impossible to get a win in this league if you don’t have all three phases playing well.

Right now the biggest cop out is blaming our lack of success on the move. People in the media keep saying that our focus is being pulled in all sorts of directions because of the move but that simply is not true. Our focus is fully on the game every single week we go out there. Even if we make mistakes when we go out there, they are just that - mistakes. It has nothing to do with a lack of focus on our part. We have to do a better job of recovering from our mistakes and trying to make plays. That's how we start to win.

Our game last week against the Chiefs is the perfect example of not being able to make enough as an offense. The loss is not on Phil for throwing three picks, the loss is on us as an offense for not making enough big plays. We all have to find ways to make an impact when we take the field as an offense. That’s our goal heading into this week’s game with the Eagles, and I hope I can go out there and help give us a win.