July 22, 2017
Gordon Camp A Hit With The Kids

A turnout of more than 200 youths packed into nearly the length of the gridiron for the Melvin Gordon Football Camp at Bradford Stadium on Saturday.

The Los Angeles Chargers running back greeted kids and fans with hugs and smiles.

As the kids ran drills under the watchful eyes of coaches, Gordon said of the turnout, “(It’s) better than I thought it would be. I’m excited about the whole thing, man. I’m excited about having these boys learn, that’s the biggest thing. Having these boys learn from guys that have done it. I don’t recall someone ever coming here and having a camp.”

Looking forward, Gordon said, “Hopefully, we’ll get to a point where we have some really talented guys coming here, get some seven-on-seven tournaments, that’s what I want to build it into. I want to build on top of this. And then maybe once I’m out of the league, travel to different places. There are so many things you can build on with this, you know. That’s where my direction is.”

And it’s off to a fast start.

Source: kenoshanews.com