October 04, 2017
Frustrating Loss

Even when playing great teams, losing never feels good. The Eagles had a good defensive game plan against us on Sunday and they did a great job of keeping us off balance with the blitz and getting penetration. They made the run game tough for us all day long. While it is frustrating that I can’t produce more for my team, I can’t let that break me.

It definitely hurts things that we got booed on our home field. It is a sad situation when you’re at home but you feel like you’re away. Of course, when we’re 0-4 what should we expect? The only way the situation gets better is if we can start winning. There has to be more accountability from the players, the coaches, and management; as one more does not win a game by themselves.  

That might be the most frustrating part of all of this is being winless. Our guys are out there producing in the pass game but we still lose. It hurts when you see your guys giving everything but we still cannot find a way to get the win.

As frustrated as I am, I just have to get over it. You can only let yourself be mad for a little while and then you have to move on. We got 12 games left in the season so we have got to make something happen. We’re going to give our all to try to turn this thing around. And I hope that if I keep going out there, and showing everyone what I’m made of, that I will be able to contribute to the wins that I know we are capable of. And for everyone who is still spreading the positivity, lotta love to ya!